Oh, just wake me when it's August

July is turning out to be quite complex. For starters, I still didn't have the hang of June and now its quite chilly outside and I once again have only my THREE QUARTER SLEEVED COAT to keep me warm. ( How, how, how did I not notice this in the shop?) 

Then there is the small problem of my Master's, which everyone assumes I have under control but really I'm agreeing with them so I don't look stupid. You know when you just nod because your brain has stopped taking things in and then once its finally caught up you realise you don't know what that actually was but ITS TOO LATE NOW, you can't go back and ask them to explain. What WILL they think of you? That is my life!


Then I had to tell people about my brilliant idea of a Children's Lit reading group that is combined with knitting and they all want to join so I'm going ahead and organising it. Found a lovely place and got some ideas for discussion topics and hum, am I forgetting something...something vaguely important? Oh yes that's right, I CAN'T ACTUALLY KNIT.

Only one thing for it, slurp some gin and back to bed until August. Failing that plan I may have to break out the EMERGENCY AUSTEN adaptations. Mmmm, Captain Wentworth, such reassuring thighs.


  1. I want in on your knitting/kids lit group. And I can even knit (ish)! Also - maybe you need to treat yourself to some Tubeway Armies to combat the 3/4 sleeve coat. I have several pairs, and they're the bomb: http://www.gayeabandon.com/
    Try them on at the Rose St Artists Market

  2. OH ME TOO. Seriously. If I am not too late, considering now it's August, but I do declare that the time/space constraints don't work for me. Or don't apply to me. I am tired and forgetful. Anyway, I haven't knitted since I was like 11, but I am keen to get back into it. Even if I am knit one, drop one, three sips of gin and what was I doing again?


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