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Hello world, I know its November and all that but really a whole week of 30+ and nights not getting below a 17? What is that about? Are you on Al Gore's side, is that it? Are you just trying to put Andrew Bolt in his place ( Actually I'm all for that, vapid little human) 
I'm just not ready for summer. Although my Moo-Ma is coming to visit today to get me a skirt sewing lesson and I just bought a pair of Luvees ( On Lili's recom) which are heaven in pink lacey frothiness. And I'm having large lusting for these sandals that tick both cuteness and most comfortable shoes ever for work and walking around.
But still, I'm a winter gal. How I love the coats and the boots and heater and the snuggling under the doona. Heaven.

P.S- That photo at the top is by my beautiful Mother. Don't tell her but she and her husb are having a 120th birthday party next year and my pressie to them is going to be two weeks gallery space for a photographic exhibition. It may be the best present ever and I may never be able to give them anything else, ever. Alas.