Ten things in Twenty-Ten

Resolutions are for suckers. Let's all get that straight, resolutions are the drunken promises you make to stop smoking, run a marathon or in the immortal words of my friend a few years ago, I'm going to get a tattoo of a moose head butting another moose over who is a better dancer. I've yet to see such emotion captured in a tattoo but I live in hope.

So anti-resolutions we are. Most decidedly. But I do love a plan, oh yes, plan city here in Miss kitty land. Perhaps a leetle problematically, there may be cold-sweats, awake at 3 am, massive heart palpitations if there is no plan. I don't do well free forming, I am geeky, specific and quite like clean feet. ( Actually I've noticed something about myself lately, if i get a text that uses abbreviations, C U L8er, etc, I feel the need to wash my hands. Travesty of language.)

So this is in the theme of plans ( not resolutions ) and lists, which are a really marvelous way to disguise plans, plus you get to check things off. 

Ten things in Twenty-Ten, a plannish List by Miss Kitty that freely welcomes failure and disgrace.

1- Dance. Oh, yeah. I love dancing. It makes me feel spesh. So I think 20-10 is the year of dancing. 3 different kinds by the end. Yes, sir.

2- Get through master's confirmation. Without the nervous breakdown I am imagining for my pretty little self.

3- Get my License. I am tragically old and unable to drive. I am very scared of cars and am convinced that I will end up in a fiery spectacle on the news one day.

4- Eat like a healthy ninja. I figure ninjas must have fairly good diets with all the sneaking and killing they do, so I'm on board.

5- Read some PG Wodehouse. Small goals are highly important too.

6- Floss my freaking teeth. Small box of floss, $3.50. Root canal, $1700.00. Kay?

7- Write book for the children. Grown-up books suck. I'd rather write stories for little people with dragons and ninjas and chocolate cake for tea.

8- Love my self. I'm just so lovely and darned good looking. Must become more self-absorbed.

9- More with the cooking. Must expand cooking repertoire. First on the list, pizza's grilled on the bbq, all smoky and delicious. 

10- Be calm, be mindful, be here. I need to practice this. I want to spend the year living more and worrying less. Breathing and appreciating these moments for what they are. (And if anyone has figured out how to do that yet, can you let me know? Or the Dali Llamas phone number?)

Sounds delightful to me. I've already got a list for 2011 too, which is full of excitement. Yippee.
Oh and I forgot...
(11- Keep more lists!)