Shall I tell you about my holidays? I don't want to make you feel sad but I'm very excited for MANY MANY reasons. Reason 1 is that I am on holidays, reason 2 is that my workplace is under renovation and its horrid (no heating, ugh), reason 3 is somewhere between needing a good nap and sheer bewildering fatigue.

But you needn't be too jealous, I'm not off to Morocco or London or even... Perth. No, no, I'm having a holiday just around the corner and in my local cinema and at that new restaurant on Victoria St and at my Parent's house and for most of the time, on my couch. 

Yesterday I went to a bookshop and ate mandarins, the day before I went shopping and bought seasons 2 AND 3 of Mad Men. Today I went to another bookshop and bought a cardigan, then I bought some special chocolates and ate most of them. Sunday was the official first day of the holiday and I went for a one and half hour walk to the Botanical Gardens. (That was the exercise allotment for the holiday) 

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my boyfriends brother and his wife and son and semi-son (stillcooking) and my boyfriends sister and her husband at the very specific time of 12.30, where we shall have a strangely large amount of time before going to see Karate Kid. My semi-demi nephew chose this, being 9 and VERY interested in kicking and as I once accidently, ACCIDENTLY, smashed his head into a glass ice cream case, I have to do anything he tells me or else he brings up the INCIDENT and everyone laughs at me for hours. 

What else am I doing? I'm off to the zoo and to see Shrek and read a lot of books. I'm going to go to the farmers market and drink cocktails. I'm going to Bendigo to one set of parents and Samaria to house sit for the others. I'm going to sleep for extended periods of time and figure out what I want to study next year. The final days of my holiday will be at 50 year old's party and I will be dancing like a crazy lady and I MAY even drink rum and cokes, cos I haven't ever done that before. 

I will also, in no particular order, write a children's book, have a business meeting with the awesomest gal called Holly, throw out half of the shitty furniture that clutters my house, make two skirts, get my friend to fix two skirts I just made, drink cider, pash my boy, cook brownies and go to work for one day because I am irreplaceable. Gosh, I am busy on these holidays. 

Did you want to know all that? I'm sorry if you didn't but here's some 
photos of my cats if they were hipsters to make you feel better. Yes. 
This is Ally, she likes to wake me up by climbing on my tummy.

And this is Ptolemy, she is the other half of the 'and me'. She is such a hipster kitty she is too cool for photography and she is quietly angry with all of us. 

I hope you are on holidays too or if not, you can share mine. Can you sew at all?


Yes, it is true.

If you couldn't tell, I kinda like this lady and I like it when the world changes and I like today. There is so much time tomorrow to be cynical and suspicious and face reality but today I get to like the world and its shiny red-haired people.