My three favourite conversations about the Election

1- On election day, at about 4pm in the afternoon.

 A- "Man, anything but Abbott, anything but Abbott, I'm moving to Canada if he gets in!"

Me- "So where did you vote before work, cos I need to get somewhere in the next hour?"

A-" Uh, I'm not actually on the electoral role. I'm an anarchist, actually. Not many people know that."

2- At 3.45 yesterday after the Independents press conference.

Me- "Did you hear, Labour got back in? Are you excited?"

D-" It doesn't make an iota of difference to me."

Me-" How come? You don't vote?"

D-" No, because, no one can stop the music."

3- Yesterday, during the presser, Windsor has announced and Oakeshott is banging on.

Me-" Eeps, Windsor has announced! We're just waiting for Oakeshott now! "

R- " Wait, which one is Oakeshott? Is he the hotter one?"
Me-" Yeah." 


Much tired, Hungry caterpillars and too many needles.

Can I have this now please?

Reason number 54 why I love my life: I spend all day on mondays at work emailing Holly from the Malvern store. We totally pretend it's really work related but it tends to dissolve into me calling her doofus and her writing IN CAPITALS. And the today she only emailed me once so I spent the whole day worrying about her, thinking she may have fallen under her desk and hit her head and was spinning into a fantasy land, in which she is a burlesque star/hired assassin and then she'll come out of her coma in about a hundred years, thinking she's still in 2010. WAKE UP DOOFUS, COME BACK TO THE LIGHT, CONTACT US!

Reason number 7 that I'm not such a fan: I have had about 6 blood tests lately, all for something quite serious and yucky and I really am a bit scared. And this week I get to have three 3!!!! more needles in about three hours. I is so going shopping inbetween. 

Reason 213 why I really like the way my life is going: Just when you've spent the last month or so a bit sick and hovering in test land and you're really a bit fragile and not sleeping. You head off to work and someone greets you with a high-five, then you get to hire a life-sized Spot costume for a launch including Paul Kelly and then you get home and lovely peeps are arranging to go see possibly the FILM OF THE CENTURY! 

Reason 1 why Reason 7 of the bad things isn't so bad: I is getting skinny and my Mum keeps buying me sympathy clothes, including hot high-waisted jeans! 

And also this which I am going to pur-chase in between the blood-letting on wed. Oh yeah! I am so hot-right-now with the under fives!

Yours in health,

P.S- I'm not infectious and it doesn't have anything to do with toes, so breathe normally now.
P.P.S- Also on the happy pants list, I am now the primary children's book reviewer for Readings, oo, la la. I have a whole page! Goshity!