My three favourite conversations about the Election

1- On election day, at about 4pm in the afternoon.

 A- "Man, anything but Abbott, anything but Abbott, I'm moving to Canada if he gets in!"

Me- "So where did you vote before work, cos I need to get somewhere in the next hour?"

A-" Uh, I'm not actually on the electoral role. I'm an anarchist, actually. Not many people know that."

2- At 3.45 yesterday after the Independents press conference.

Me- "Did you hear, Labour got back in? Are you excited?"

D-" It doesn't make an iota of difference to me."

Me-" How come? You don't vote?"

D-" No, because, no one can stop the music."

3- Yesterday, during the presser, Windsor has announced and Oakeshott is banging on.

Me-" Eeps, Windsor has announced! We're just waiting for Oakeshott now! "

R- " Wait, which one is Oakeshott? Is he the hotter one?"
Me-" Yeah." 

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  1. Carlton store, 3pm Tuesday, during press conference

    Me: (frantically tabbing between doesaustraliahaveagovernmentyet.com, twitter #election, abc news site)
    K: (watching conference on other computer, which has no sound)
    Customers: (hovering around, feeding off our excitement)
    K: (getting up close to the screen when the camera pans behind them) I can't read their notes to see what they're saying!
    Me: ARGH! All doesaustraliahaveagovernmentyet.com says is "ALMOST".
    K: He went Labor!
    K: He'll go Labor. He's nice.
    B: He is, isn't he.
    K: He's just got such an open, friendly face. Kind of trustworthy.
    Collectively: *adoring sigh*

    Then we set the phones to play the radio so we could hear what was happening.

    Oakeshott: So my alliance is with -
    *phone rings, cutting him off*


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