Home again, jiggity jig

Hello Internet World,
Oh, I missed you and you look so pretty, is that new? Swoon.
Ah, home from Vietnam. Home from the 38 degree heat and the 70% humidity. Home from the non-stopping noise and the crazy traffic. Home from the beautiful, most intense, fantastic, horrible trip I have ever taken.
I may have loudly exclaimed on landing in Melbourne that I WAS NEVER LEAVING AGAIN! Which is a pretty bold statement as the V&A Museum is on the other side of the world and I have a real thing for that Museum. 
But for now I am so glad to be in my leetle house with a sympathy kitty and some hoodie boots. I think I'll stick around and appreciate the loveliness here for a while...at least until the jet lag wears off. 


  1. Hey gorgeous. Glad you're back. Want to meet up for a coffee some time? I have a copy of Ask & The Answer for you (unless you found it OS?)

  2. Lili! I am so hanging for that book! Love to meet for a coffee, I'll send you an email with my number and we can like...hang!


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