Love, love, love, blah, blah, blah

Misskit loves:
Her new Hoodie boots! They're grey and black stripes (as seemingly most of her wardrobe at the moment...hmmm.)

Being three weeks away from a day off otherwise known as the end of semester!

Being six weeks away from flying to Vietnam and all the clothes she plans to have made!

Screw Inner Beauty
Kate Harding's book Screw Inner Beauty. Making me laugh and changing the way I think

Making plans for my Ruddy bucks which just arrived in my account yesterday.
Does Miskit be fiscally responsible and spend that money where it counts, i.e.- New pants and or dress at Queen thus supporting local designers?
Or does Miskit offer her lovely money to Britain by purchasing a heavenly pair of green Suede boots via DuoBoots that will make her feel oh-so-like Robin Hood (Miskit hasn't discussed her dream to become a champion Archer here has she?) 

Taylor Kitsch who plays Gambit in the new Wolverine movie, which lets be clear, was my delightful but comic book obsessed boyfriends choice. There was however perks for me also... 
Want. To. Pash. His. Pretty. Face. Please.

But one thing on Miskit's Blah list...
Giving up the Children's Book buying at her bookshop. Sigh. Miskit has been lecturing in Children's Literature which is beyond all expectations and rather lovely but also time-consuming and pays much better than her buying position. So its heave-ho to my buying job, which sucks cos now she won't get to play with Lili anymore. 
Miskit feels on the whole the love bunnies win over the blah bunnies this week. Tally-ho

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  1. Nooooooooo!!!!!!
    But you can still play with me! I also have a comic book obsessed boyfriend (guess what we just came back from seeing?)
    If you go the Duo route (and, incidentally the code AUFP will score you free international shipping until, um, I think tonight (buy buy!) otherwise the code SS10 will give you 10 quid off) we could compare boots!


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