And what happens now?

Ah, sunday. 11 am. Still in bed. Snuggly black cat. Laptop humming quietly. Parental units fresh off a plane from NZ coming for lunch. Pot-roast and roast vegetable salad waiting to be cooked for dinner. Maybe also an apple and raspberry crumble with vanilla bean ice-cream from Jocks.

Plans for Vietnam to be settled, clothes to made by lovely Vietnamese seamstresses to be chosen. (Is five dresses too many?) Birthday presents to be figured out ( for difficult bestie who has awesome taste) 
Weekends, oh how I missed you.

I am so freakin happy that I have finished the ill-advised and yet ultimately successful lecturing a whole semester in Children's Literature. At the best times, it was actually like I was a bee dusting the pollen of knowledge onto the shiny happy flower faces of the monkeys. At the worst, it was quite like that scene in Saw, with the leg and the chain and the inevitability! But I just kept sawing away, oh yes, You will learn monkeys, even if it kills me.
Didn't kill me, just gave me a bejesus of a head cold and a strange craving for bacon....hmmm. 

So what now? As I am terrible at staying still for any period of time, I am currently looking for the new shiny thing to distract me. Here's my possibilities:
Craft- The meet me at mikes book is calling my name and I would fulfill all my mothers dreams if I could learn to sew.  ( Yes, dear, that PhD you're planning is lovely but patchwork, that's a keeper!)
Water sports- I could maybe find out what these are to start with.
Revolutionise the world with my Library Board Game!- Librarians everywhere would bow down to me as their leader. (Finally a board game based on the dewey decimal system, why did it take the world so long?)
Sleep- Worthwhile occupation that I have neglected of late.
Actually do some of my Masters- Ah, yes, the old Master's. Not that I've been neglecting it whilst I Lectured but I have been going through more of a thinking phase, rather than a constructive doing phase. 
Bake cupcakes to distract Master's supervisor from lack of constructive work on said Master's- I think chocolate with mint buttercream icing. Nothing says whoops like Mint buttercream.

Right, now if you will excuse me to clean my house before the Parental units descend at least forty minutes before they said they would and also to find the peppermint essence, I think that may become necessary...quite soon.

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