Lectures and Tantrums and Autumn, oh my

I am currently embroiled in my first ever Lecturing position in Children's Lit and, wow, is it a giant leap for MissKit-kind. I think I've been saying how much I wanted to be a professor since I was about twelve. I have no idea why but its always been there.
And now I'm walking down that road.
What a thing to spend your life dreaming and then have your dreams come colliding with reality. It is both exhilarating and terrifying. I am either bursting into tears at the sheer size of the wall I must scale or else I am the most triumphant I have ever been. 
But today I have decided that no more tears and tantrums are necessary ( though some may be inevitable) I am going to be positivity itself.
Its Autumn, my favourite season. I have everything ahead of me. I am loved. Life is beautiful and I will carve out a pocket of happiness in the exact shape I desire.
It will be the shape of afternoon tea.
Of bowls of flowers.
Of the Botanical Gardens.
Of sweetness and contentment.
Of Yoga and walking everyday.
Of stopping and breathing and thanking.
And it will be the shape of me, all the inches of imperfect, lovely me.

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