In the beginning...

In a time that feels like miles ago there was just me and my black cat. 
We liked it that way. Lots of time for mischief and just being.
And then you seem to hit some age, some time that means there is no more perfect silence, perfect contentment. 
Now there is noise and busy and crazy.
There is difficult jobs with difficult people.
There is trying to decide who we are.
There is the beginning of Master's and careers where we want them.
There is tired and scared and full-up.
There is also love though, with a brilliant, beautiful boy.
There are rainy days and Jane Austen.
There is chocolate and expensive shoes.
And there is still my cat. 
So welcome to my blog.
Which is all about a silky black cat called Ptolemy and, me.

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  1. YAY! Subscribing! I love they way you write BTW ;)


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