I'm Bitchin'

Seriously why is this post so freaking hard? I'm playing along with Sally from GeorgieLove and making a week of posts about the marvelousness of me!
So this is day 3.... and this is post 1.... it's going well.
What makes it so hard to give yourself props? Yet when I go to write something about myself I have to temper it, i.e.- I'm pretty awesome, I'm kinda cool, I sorta rock! Why is it so hard to write the bald statements? I am awesome, I am cool, I definitely rock. I'm bitchin! 
Who actually likes themselves? In a 'I don't spend my precious and finite time beating myself up internally every single day for not being smart enough, pretty enough, cool enough, enough enough' kind of way. Oh, none of us? Well, then this must be normal.
Normal is for losers.
I don't want to be normal if that means having to feel crap about myself any longer. Dammit.
I want normal to be no anxiety about what I'm wearing, what size I am, if I'm funny and witty in conversation. I want to stop thinking about how much better life could be if only I was thinner, spoke french, was outgoing and had Megan Fox-like charms.*
I want to stop and breathe and appreciate what I have in my life instead of chasing my tail wanting something, anything! 
So today I'm starting an adventure! Wanna come? I'll bring cookies

I'm gonna find me a beautiful pea green ( sea green?) boat and set off to find my self-esteem. 
Here's what I'm taking:
Me- 28, red of hair, size 16-18 of build, shy of temperament, intellectual of brain, kind of nature, loving of mischief, deep streak of sarcasm, good taste in shoes, ability to love loyally, excellent baking skills, no ability to stop eating the chocolate and a smile as wide as the sea.
Lots of honey and a little bit of money.
No map or compass.
Why? Cos I'm bitchin'. 

*Disclaimer- While Miss Fox is possibly one of the finest looking women alive I will admit to being quite concerned that she may not notice if she walked into a wall. But she is awesome and power to you, sister.

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  1. Hooray! You are absolutely a beautiful and bitchin' lady! This post rocks as hard as you do! :-D Can I join you in the pea green boat?

    You are absolutely, undoubtedly and 100% ace. I hope that is what washes on your shore this week! x


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