Like Whole Days off and stuff!

Its easter break for the monkeys ( uni students who I teach) and I am sooo happy. As much as I enjoy having no time off and being vague and crazy all the time, a little bit of time off is sounding rather peachy to me! 
My brother and I were planning to descend upon my mama and step-papa for easter-luv but then I realised that with my brother comes the excitable package of Nephewness, that, let me make clear, I love and adore. 
But Easter is a time for laziness, especially with my life hurtling along at its current semi-destructive pace. Its a time for relaxation, for quiet contemplation and for eating too much chocolate and then the drinking of the fizzy-good!
Chocolate and relaxation, kittens, that is what its all about!
And what could be more relaxing than a six year old jumped up on chocolate for three days straight! 
'Cos its like crack to my nephew, he can't help himself and then the cravings kick in and the tantrums, Easter is the danger zone! Its the gateway!
So in Melbourne I shall stay...but actually, I did buy the whole family easter eggs the other day. And the boy is out on Sunday morn...and I'll be all alone with the chocolate...just a taste, man, thats all I need...just one more taste!

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